About us

Heartwave Foundation Trust is a strategic non-profit organization committed to uplift the lives sustainable economic regeneration through empowerment fostering on end to poverty.
The organization pursues to offer sustainable alternatives towards identifying wealth of opportunities that guarantees a better welfare of women and youths towards sustainable development through pad drives, clothing drives, educating a girl child, workshops and community outreach.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to build a world where health and well-being for all vulnerable groups especially the girl child are supported, protected and afforded sustainable livelihood. Promote education and empowerment to the vulnerable and poor. To impart life skills
Our programs begin with an individual girl in rural Africa. By looking at the world from her perspective, we work to dismantle the barriers to her education and to living a healthy adult life. We’re answerable first and foremost to her.
  • Compassion
  • Integrity & Trust
  • Excellency
  • Respect & Commitment

We Make A Difference

We seek to eliminate poverty by empowering women to lead lives of self-chance, building better a future for all humanity towards destiny irrespective of gender, class, race, age or ethnicity. To be a agent that provides holistic care development to our communities.

How We Work?

There are a number of increasing cases of less privileged being unable to complete education as a result of financial constraints and also the lack of awareness and education on the less privileged has resulted in the orphans and less privileged faing difficulties in having decent livelihoods.
We aim to make sure that these matters are taken care of through:

  • 1. Mobilizing resources to support the less privileged within Zimbabwe.
  • 2. Engaging the government in promoting education for the orphans especially the girl child.
  • 3. Promoting equitable access to safe, good quality and affordable essential medications especially for children with viral infections, cancer and non-communicable medical conditions.
  • 4. Fighting period poverty and educate girls on menstrual hygiene.
  • 5. Promoting the activities of key health sector organizations such as the Health Services Board, National AIDS Council and the University of Zimbabwe's College of Health Sciences in collaboration with their respective partners in supporting the establishment of Cancer and Virology Institute for young less privileged girl child.

Our Partners We Work With